05 August 2010

My New Favorite Thing

I would like to introduce everyone to a new friend of mind. Ladies & gentlemen, please meet the Crayola Window Crayon. The window crayon is exactly what it sounds like. It's a crayon that lets you draw on windows or any glass surface. They wash off easily with Windex, so create with abandon.

Not since I was in grammar school did a small box from Crayola bring me this much joy. I purchased a pack on a whim last week, and I started small. My bathroom mirror wasn't as cheerful as it could have been. Window Crayons to the rescue. My home office window really needs literary quotes scrolled over it. Window Crayons to the rescue. Those giant windows at work are so boring. I wish we had curtains. Window Crayons = instant curtains. The crayons are going to stay at work with the idea of creating some thing new each week, and really freaking out the people in the offices across the street. I highly recommend these to any parent or adult who just wants to have a little fun. Pick up a pack anywhere Crayola products are sold, and start drawing!


Apple said...

Beautiful work curtains! I also think they would make a great gift for a teacher:)

Joanna B said...

I love these Crayons! I am going to buy some for home and get some for my math teacher cousin!!!

Ephemeral Evidence said...

I bet these would keep my kiddos quiet for at least 30 minutes. Thanks..


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