31 August 2010

The Power of the List

It happened. Today is the last day of August. Many equate this as being the end of summer. If I have to recap and evaluate my summer I'm giving it an A+. I did everything I wanted to and more. I went out of state, to the desert, on a scavenger hunt, the beach, multiple sports games, and still had plenty of time to just chill. I owe it all to the power of the list. Every year, my friends and I map out the summer and then we just stick to the plan. It's not that difficult, and we never find ourselves sitting around wondering what we should do.

In an effort to spread the list love, I want to share with you Moleskin's new daily planner box set. Every month gets an individual (and nicely colored) planner. All twelve are packed in a gift box that protects, organizes, and preserves. I admit, this is some extreme organization that I'm not fully up to, but you have to admit that it's nice looking. Check out the Moleskin site for lots organizing goodies and get planning!

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Costanza Fan said...

Be still my heart! I think I'm in love...


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