10 September 2010

This Weekend: Renegade Craft Fair

This week might have been the longest shortest week ever. With Monday off, everything was crammed into a four-day work week. Not to mention I signed the lease on my new place, caught a show at the Metro and am currently involved creating puppets for a YouTube video. I know, there's a lot going on. With all that, I have something to look forward to this weekend (and you do too). If you're in Chicago, you should check out the Renegade Craft Fair. It's a DIY'ers paradise, full of hand made jewelry, screen printed posters and all things Etsy. I go every year and always come away with some great finds. Plus, there's live music and food. How can you go wrong?

09 September 2010

Own Your Phone, Don't Let it Own You

I did something I said I never would. I got a smart phone. I write this post mid-commute from my new phone. Fancy, I know.

I never wanted to be one of "those" people. You know the type. They walk around eyes fixed to their screen, ignorant of the world around them. I will not be one of those people. As it turns out, technology like most things in life just requires moderation. I admit that I love my new phone. I'm blogging on the train. Dude, that's awesome. However,  I've established a few rules for myself:

Choose humans over robots:
If my phone rings or gives me a notification while talking to a real person, the phone can wait till I'm done talking to the real person.

Go off the grid: If I get phone separation anxiety and can't not be on my phone, it's time for a break.

Be productive: It's okay to kill time on the train by playing on my phone, but when I'm at home I should be making better use of my time.

There you have it, those are my ground rules for not letting my phone own me. They seem pretty simple, but I think they'll do me well.

08 September 2010

It's not you, it's me. Actually, it's your new album.

Have you ever broken up with a band? It's sort of like breaking up with an actual person. There's anger, a little self-pity maybe even a rebound. It's not fun, but sometimes it has to be done.

I bring this up because I'm going to see a band tomorrow night that's been with me for a while now. We got through college together, they were with me when I got my first real job and there was a point where I couldn't talk to my friends without working them into the conversation. Lately, we've grown apart. They're going one direction with their musical taste, and I'm going another. Tomorrow night, I'll hear their new album for the first time and I know it's going to make or break the relationship.

I've only officially broken up with one band. Weezer was my first concert, and I will always remember the good times, but I cannot be part of an abusive relationship- musical or otherwise. They promised me the biggest and brightest things with each album after Pinkerton but it all lead to disappointment. I was hard, but I officially called it quits.

I'm hoping I don't have to go through another breakup, and this tomorrow night can save my relationship with this band. Only time will tell.

07 September 2010

New Place, New Dresser?

I'm pleased to announce that tomorrow evening I have a lease signing for my new apartment! I'm so pumped. It's got everything I wanted, and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait till Batman (my fish) sees it. September is frighteningly busy, but I figure if I pack a few boxes a day I'll be just fine. I can't wait to decorate and set up house.

In honor of my upcoming new abode, check out this dresser rehab from Design Sponge. Not that my current dresser needs to be refinished, but this is definitely giving me some ideas.

03 September 2010

Happy Friday

There's nothing sweeter than the Friday before a long weekend. I'm just so happy. I'm got a few things going down this weekend, including a Vampire Weekend show at the Aragon. Oh, Ezra Koenig. It's been too long. Have an awesome long weekend! See you on Tuesday.

Scented pens
Amazing macaroon identity
Flower pendant lamps
Skateboard art
New Belle & Sebastian songs
Jazz Age lawn party

02 September 2010

Back to School Roundup

Several of my friends are teachers, and I love them for that. In honor of them and the back to school season, how about a little roundup featuring some goodies, for the teacher or the student, that would make any school year more fun.

Messenger bag
Crayon rings
Personalized library plates (so the students don't steal your books)
Eco-friendly reusable sandwich bag
Donut handle coffee mug
Sweets calendar

01 September 2010

Letterpressed Plaid

Be still my design loving heart. Do I spy letterpressed plaid business cards?

New Geiko Commercials

Have you seen Geico's new commercials? I used to think they couldn't do anything better than that adorable Gecko with the non-descript accent. Man, I love him. Stepping up to bat are a host of new characters including the pig who cried wee, a giant biscuit and (my personal favorite) a singing octopus. It's all very random, very fun and very making me wish I could sing like that octopus.


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