09 September 2010

Own Your Phone, Don't Let it Own You

I did something I said I never would. I got a smart phone. I write this post mid-commute from my new phone. Fancy, I know.

I never wanted to be one of "those" people. You know the type. They walk around eyes fixed to their screen, ignorant of the world around them. I will not be one of those people. As it turns out, technology like most things in life just requires moderation. I admit that I love my new phone. I'm blogging on the train. Dude, that's awesome. However,  I've established a few rules for myself:

Choose humans over robots:
If my phone rings or gives me a notification while talking to a real person, the phone can wait till I'm done talking to the real person.

Go off the grid: If I get phone separation anxiety and can't not be on my phone, it's time for a break.

Be productive: It's okay to kill time on the train by playing on my phone, but when I'm at home I should be making better use of my time.

There you have it, those are my ground rules for not letting my phone own me. They seem pretty simple, but I think they'll do me well.

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Tragic Schmagic said...

You'll be FINE! I have a smart phone and I'm not a crazy phone person. I can live, eat, and breath without it. People over technology has always been my motto! It's great if you get lost (most smart phones have GPS), for reading the news, drooling over clothes on the internet, googling random things you just HAVE to know the answer to etc. It's fun. Enjoy!



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