28 October 2010

Smiths Prints

Who doesn't love The Smiths? Oh Morrissey, I think you're great. On that note, know what else I think is great? These limited edition Smiths prints that are designed to resemble Penguin Classic book covers. It's a nerd mashup, and it makes me so happy.

22 October 2010

Friday Link Party

Happy Friday, friends! I urge you to let go of whatever woes and worry you may have had this week. Friday has come, let the weekend begin. To kick things off in style I've got some links for you. Enjoy, and we'll chat again on Monday.

21 October 2010

Live Crabs in A Vending Machine

The title of this post really says it all. I can't translate the video for you, and maybe it's best we don't know everything they're saying. But if you've ever thought, "Wow I wish I had a live crab right now. Maybe they should put live crabs in a vending machine," you should probably watch the following video or go to Shanghai. Oh China, you just made my Thursday so much better.

crabby vending
Uploaded by pubjapaned. - Explore international webcam videos.

The inside of the machine is kept at 5 degrees celsius, a temperature cold enough to make the crabs go into a state of hibernation. A sign states that all the crabs in the machine are fresh: if the crab is dead-on-arrival, they promise to give you three free crabs.


19 October 2010

Check It: 20x200

Since the move, I've been looking for some sort of art piece to hang above my bed. In the search I found 20x200. Their motto is (limited editions × low prices) + the internet = art for everyone. I am horrible at math, but I like that. 20x200 collaborates with a variety of artists to sell their limited edition prints. Each print comes with a signed and numbered 20x200 Certificate of Authenticity, fancy! If you're in the market for some original art and don't feel like dishing out bushels of cash, check out 20x200.

18 October 2010

Tights Roundup

It's tight season, my friends! Things have gone so far beyond basic black tights. Patterns, colors and prints- oh my! Check out some of my favorites and hit me up in the comments section with your own.

Super Sheer Spiral Tight
Brown Peacock Feather Tights
Happy Socks Colorblock Tight
Floral Spray Sweater Tights

Polka dot tights
Polka dot bear bottom tights

15 October 2010

Friday Link Party

Happy Friday, my dears! just finished a nice bowl of cheerios, it feels like fall outside, and I've got a red cardigan on. How can I not be happy with today? I hope you have a great weekend lined up for yourselves. I'm going to the a Fire game tomorrow and plan to get my tailgate on.

Giant gummy bear on a stick
Radiator shaped like a person
New English pub in Logan Square
I still love you, Marty McFly
My office-mate's awesome nutrition blog
Yes, the new GAP logo was a fail, but have you seen their new GAP Fit logo?
Is there anything Jack White can't do?
Did I mention Mr. T is my company's new spokesman? Well he is, and he made some pretty hilarious commercials. I'll share more later.
Gorgeous art deco invites

In honor of tomorrow's soccer game, here's a great track from Eux Autres:
<a href="http://euxautres.bandcamp.com/track/world-cup-fever-2010">World Cup Fever 2010 by Eux Autres</a>

14 October 2010

The Power of Nice

I believe in the power of nice. By that I mean I really stand behind things like common courtesy, saying please & thank you and trying to see the positive in situations. I'm not a pushover, and believe me it takes more self control than you might think to be nice sometimes but when I do, good things happen.

While waiting for the train this morning, I started up a conversation with a complete stranger. I sat down next to her, and instead of ignoring the person next to me, like I do most mornings, I smiled and made a remark about how crowded the train looked. The next thing I know we're talking, laughing and I find out not only does she have a sprained back but she's seven weeks pregnant. She was stressed because no one at work knows she's pregnant yet, so they don't understand why she can't take meds for the back pain. Wow, no one at work knows she's pregnant, but she told me, a complete stranger! She thanked me for listening and letting her unload. I wished her well with the pregnancy and felt great.

I took a little step out of my morning comfort zone and was friendly to a stranger. I ended up meeting an incredibly nice person, helping them out and feeling great the rest of the day. Score one for being nice.

13 October 2010

Yumaki Toothbrushes

Hello, gorgeous. Check out these toothbrushes from Yumaki. According to their site, Yumaki is an oral care brand that offers high-quality dental hygiene products that comes as new models & collections every season. Hmmm, interesting, but did I mention that their products are made of recyclable material? Now I love. I'd gladly polish my pearly whites with one of these babies.

12 October 2010

Check It: Automatic Cake Decorator

A Vienna-based studio is working on automatic cake decorator that uses a rotating platform, icing gun and host of other fancy gadgets to take the hassle of decorating. It might look like a game of Mousetrap, but the end result is pretty cool. It's like an edible Spirograph.

11 October 2010

Cupcake Crawl Recap

The first ever Cupcake Crawl was a success! We didn't quite make it to all the places we had intended, since we started a little late and forgot we might need to eat real food at some point, but what we did eat was delicious. Let's recap!

Here's the crawl crew, matching shirts and all. The shirts brought us a lot of attention and we had a few strangers wanting to join in the fun. Mental note for next time: Bring along extra shirts for new friends met along the way.

My orange creamsicle cupcake from Sweet Many B's. This little baby was amazing. Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes are my favorite in Chicago. The cake is light and moist, and the frosting is thick but not too sweet. Since they're so light, you could easy down more than one in a sitting. This is delicious but dangerous.

 The ladies chowing down at Sweet Mandy B's on blueberry pancake cupcakes with maple frosting.

A caramel apple cupcake/muffin hybrid.

Natalie & I at Molly's Cupcakes. Yes, we are sitting on swings at the counter. Swings at the counter! Molly's cupcakes have a denser cake with a lighter whipped frosting. The employees here are great. One of the owners really took an interest in our crawl and nearly joined our crew.

My peanut butter nutella cupcake at Molly's. Peanut butter cake & frosting with a creamy nutella middle.
A lovely box filled with a key lime pie cupcake from The Twisted Baker. The nice thing about this Old Town bakery is that the cupcakes are frosted to order. Fresh! I don't know if it was the unseasonably warm weather this weekend, or we got a bad batch of frosting but it went limp and started to slide off the cupcake. It made for a not so great visual, but was still tasty.

Frosting gone limp.

Those were the highlights! This was the first crawl I've organized and we got started a little later than planned. I think with some more planning and strategy this will happen again- bigger, better and with more batter!

07 October 2010

First Annual Cupcake Crawl

I cannot wait for this Saturday.  I've initiated and planned the first annual Cupcake Crawl. What the what you ask? Cupcake Crawl. A few friends and I are going to at least 5 different bakeries to sample some of the city's finest sweet treats. I'll be taking pictures along the way to document this excuse for a sugar coma. Since most of the bakeries don't close till 11pm (boy, do I love Chicago), we're getting started around 5, and will go till we've got sprinkles coming out of our eyes.

06 October 2010

Check It: Kate Spade Planner Inserts

I'm very loyal to my moleskin planner. I've used it for years, and refuse to convert to something electronic or a different brand. Nothing has even remotely tempted me to stray. That is until Kate Spade sent me an email. Behold the 2011 weekly inserts from artist Jenny Bowers. Sketches, and chocolates and colors- oh my! I love these. I'm still tempted, but not enough to change planners. Maybe I'll just collage a few pages on my own, sell my original art to Moleskin, make millions on the idea, enter Kate Spade's inner circle of design and friends and then get her to gift me a store and customer design pieces for me. Best idea ever? I think so.

05 October 2010

Brand Quiz: Numbered Names

"Specific numbers are sometimes associated with or incorporated into brand names. This is a quiz to match the number with the product or company. Give yourself extra points and a pat on the back, if you can explain how the connection came to be." Check out the full quiz and answers here.

04 October 2010

Typeface Memory Game

Nerd. Swoon.

Back in the Saddle

It's been awhile since we've chatted. I am officially moved into my new place and am busy setting up house. I can't even tell you how much I love it, especially the kitchen. This weekend, I became possessed by the spirit of Betty Crocker and broke that kitchen in. I made some brats & kraut, turkey burgers and red velvet cupcakes. The irony being I forgot my lunch today. No worries. I'll have photos of the new place soon for sharing.

I saw a great documentary this weekend called Objectified. It's from the director of Helvetica (another favorite of mine) and explores peoples' relationship with manufactured objects and the people who design them. If you're a designer, you'll nerd out over this film. It does a great job at explaining how designers see the world, the creative process behind things we encounter each day and, of course, interviews with the designers at Apple. If you want to find out more, view the trailer here. Happy Monday!


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