11 October 2010

Cupcake Crawl Recap

The first ever Cupcake Crawl was a success! We didn't quite make it to all the places we had intended, since we started a little late and forgot we might need to eat real food at some point, but what we did eat was delicious. Let's recap!

Here's the crawl crew, matching shirts and all. The shirts brought us a lot of attention and we had a few strangers wanting to join in the fun. Mental note for next time: Bring along extra shirts for new friends met along the way.

My orange creamsicle cupcake from Sweet Many B's. This little baby was amazing. Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes are my favorite in Chicago. The cake is light and moist, and the frosting is thick but not too sweet. Since they're so light, you could easy down more than one in a sitting. This is delicious but dangerous.

 The ladies chowing down at Sweet Mandy B's on blueberry pancake cupcakes with maple frosting.

A caramel apple cupcake/muffin hybrid.

Natalie & I at Molly's Cupcakes. Yes, we are sitting on swings at the counter. Swings at the counter! Molly's cupcakes have a denser cake with a lighter whipped frosting. The employees here are great. One of the owners really took an interest in our crawl and nearly joined our crew.

My peanut butter nutella cupcake at Molly's. Peanut butter cake & frosting with a creamy nutella middle.
A lovely box filled with a key lime pie cupcake from The Twisted Baker. The nice thing about this Old Town bakery is that the cupcakes are frosted to order. Fresh! I don't know if it was the unseasonably warm weather this weekend, or we got a bad batch of frosting but it went limp and started to slide off the cupcake. It made for a not so great visual, but was still tasty.

Frosting gone limp.

Those were the highlights! This was the first crawl I've organized and we got started a little later than planned. I think with some more planning and strategy this will happen again- bigger, better and with more batter!

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