15 October 2010

Friday Link Party

Happy Friday, my dears! just finished a nice bowl of cheerios, it feels like fall outside, and I've got a red cardigan on. How can I not be happy with today? I hope you have a great weekend lined up for yourselves. I'm going to the a Fire game tomorrow and plan to get my tailgate on.

Giant gummy bear on a stick
Radiator shaped like a person
New English pub in Logan Square
I still love you, Marty McFly
My office-mate's awesome nutrition blog
Yes, the new GAP logo was a fail, but have you seen their new GAP Fit logo?
Is there anything Jack White can't do?
Did I mention Mr. T is my company's new spokesman? Well he is, and he made some pretty hilarious commercials. I'll share more later.
Gorgeous art deco invites

In honor of tomorrow's soccer game, here's a great track from Eux Autres:
<a href="http://euxautres.bandcamp.com/track/world-cup-fever-2010">World Cup Fever 2010 by Eux Autres</a>

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