14 October 2010

The Power of Nice

I believe in the power of nice. By that I mean I really stand behind things like common courtesy, saying please & thank you and trying to see the positive in situations. I'm not a pushover, and believe me it takes more self control than you might think to be nice sometimes but when I do, good things happen.

While waiting for the train this morning, I started up a conversation with a complete stranger. I sat down next to her, and instead of ignoring the person next to me, like I do most mornings, I smiled and made a remark about how crowded the train looked. The next thing I know we're talking, laughing and I find out not only does she have a sprained back but she's seven weeks pregnant. She was stressed because no one at work knows she's pregnant yet, so they don't understand why she can't take meds for the back pain. Wow, no one at work knows she's pregnant, but she told me, a complete stranger! She thanked me for listening and letting her unload. I wished her well with the pregnancy and felt great.

I took a little step out of my morning comfort zone and was friendly to a stranger. I ended up meeting an incredibly nice person, helping them out and feeling great the rest of the day. Score one for being nice.


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