30 December 2010

Just Wishing You A...

Teapot Envy Roundup

Nearly every day at work my office mates and I have tea time. We take a few minutes, have a nice cup of tea and then go on with our day. It's amazing, and I highly recommend instituting it into your work day if possible. Sometimes we get a little fancy and involve snacks (cucumber sandwiches, cheese & crackers, etc). I'm slowly becoming aware of tea culture and what cute tea items are out there. Friends, meet the stackable teapot. Teapot, meet friends:
Calm Before the Store Tea Set

Tiger Lily Tea Pot

Tea Tower

I'm A Little Teapot

29 December 2010

Minimalist Makeovers

I am such a sucker for minimalism. If it were up to me, everything would be solid colors and simplicity. Check out these minimalist product makeovers. I prefer the minimal design every time. What do you think? Do you prefer the slimmed down design version, or are you a maximalist?

28 December 2010

Upcoming 2011 Fun

I've got exciting news, guys. I'm going to be a ballerina! Well, sort of. I'm going to try and be a ballerina. I've always wanted to take ballet lessons, but I never have. I didn't take lessons as a child, but I had major tutu envy. Thanks to the good people at Groupon, I signed up for 10 adult beginners ballet lessons. I'm half nervous, half excited. I don't plan on starting lessons till next year, but I will let you know how it goes. It's never to late to fulfill a childhood ambition, and everyone could do with a little more grace in their life, right?

2010 Amanda Music Awards

I know I've been light on the blog posts lately, but there's one thing I would never forget to post about. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the fourth annual Amanda Music Awards. I will remind you that these are the most biased and frivolous fictional music awards on the Internet, but that's how I roll. I love music, and it's such a huge part of my life that every year I dedicate a post to all the great things that went down. Join in the fun, and feel free to deal out your own award in the comments section. (view past year's awards 2009, 2008, 2007)

Best out if town show while I was at a work conference
The Swell Season @ First Avenue

Best Dance Party
Black Eyed Peas @ Allstate

Best Foreign Troubadour
Sondre Lerche @ Lincoln Hall

Most Rocking Female
St. Vincent @ Metro

Most Gusto Packed Into A Small Venue
Ha Ha Tonka @ Subterranean

Best Vest Worn While Performing
Kevin Andrew Prchal @ Subterranean

Strangest Crowd
My Gold Mask @ The Hideout

Best Consistent Shows
Vampire Weekend @ The Aragon & @ The Riv

Best Use of Glow Sticks
LCD Soundsystem @ The Aragon

Coolest Celeb Sighting At A Show
Josh Duhamel @ Black Eyed Pea

Best Outdoor Show
She & Him @ Millenium Park

Best Band Who Let Me Help Sell Merch for an Hour
Ludo @ The Metro

Best Soundtrack for a Movie I Didn't See
Going the Distance

Most Replayed Single on my iPod
Dog Days are Over- Florence + The Machine

Band I'm Dying to See Live in 2011
The Black Keys

Show I'm Most Upset I Missed
Tommy & the High Pilots @ The Beat Kitchen

Band that Continues to Amaze Me Despite Not Being Together Anymore
The Smiths

Fave British Duo
Slow Club

Worst Name for a Band I Like
Neon Trees

Best New Addition to My Workout Mix
Block After Block- Matt & Kim


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