19 January 2011

How To: Get Yourself to the Gym in the Morning

One of my goals this year is to start going to the gym in the morning. I'm not a fan of the after work gym rush, and I'm a busy gal with things to do. There isn't always time later in the day. It just makes sense to go in the morning. The only thing standing in the way of my plan is me. I am not a morning person. I'm not fully cognitive till I've been up for about an hour and have had at least one cup of coffee. Thing is, if I want to make it to work relatively on time and be able to get in a decent work out I need to adapt new morning habits. 

It all comes down to having a plan. When in doubt, I make lists. I made a list of everything that potentially keeps me from going to the gym in the morning:
  1. I'm too tired
  2. I need time to make lunch for work in the morning
  3. When I come back from the gym, I'm too tired to pick out something decent to wear for work and I end up looking crazy
  4. It's really cold in the morning- my bed is warmer
  5. I have to eat something before I go- I don't want to make breakfast
  6. I have to find my gym clothes

The Remedy
  1. Go to bed at a decent hour
  2. Make lunch the night before
  3. Pick out work clothes the night before
  4. Make sure the heat is on when you wake up, and find your favorite hoodie to wear to the gym
  5. Have a protein bar or something small- no cooking required
  6. Again, lay those suckers out the night before
Basically, if I do massive preparation the night before, I set myself to auto pilot in the morning and coast my way to the gym. I am happy to report, it's working so far. I could be missing something though. What's your secret? Do you do anything special to get yourself up and moving in the morning?

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Merch Girl said...

Remember when we tried to work out in the morning. It worked for about a week...maybe less. Why don't you sleep in your gym clothes? You skip a step & you keep warm with not having to change.


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