05 January 2011

Order of the Mug

I believe in the power of vintage, do you? If you do and like surprises, you should check out Order of the Mug. According to their site, the Order of the Mug: advocates the glorified wielding of reusable beverage receptacles, shunning the feckless use of disposable cups (i.e. reusable mug = good; disposable cup = bad). MUG encourages coffee establishments globally to adopt a responsible code of conduct to discontinue the mass distribution of wasteful to-go cups; offering reusable mugs as the only option to thirsty patrons.

How can you not love that? The rules are simple. You send them $20, and they send you a sweet vintage mug. Check out their archives for some mug shots (ha!) and if you so desire request your mug today.

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