11 February 2011

Friday Link Party

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is alive and relatively warm. Let's kick the weekend off in style with the best of this week's Internet findings. Enjoy and see you on Monday.

MAC's new Wonder Woman inspired line
The end of trends?
The style of music
New sharing resource for designers
Letter press wall paper
This would be great for tea time
Stitchable stationary
Superbowl commercial roundup
X-Men First Class Trailor

I've got a Friday link bonus for you. Have you heard the new single from The Strokes? It kind of rocks my world.

10 February 2011

Anthrolopologie Introduces BHLDN

If Anthropologie was a man, I would marry it. Every time I walk into a store or visit their site I am swept away with awesome. So if they weren't already fantastic enough, Anthropologie is launching a new wedding inspired brand, BHLDN (I know it exists, but I don't know how to pronounce it yet). The site doesn't fully launch till the 14th, but you can head on over now and drool at the rotating images. I snagged a few of my favorites for you.

09 February 2011

Think Spring

With the wind chill, it is -10 degrees outside. My bones are frozen. Nothing says "middle of winter" like a spring fashion show! Tomorrow night, I'm heading out with the girls to AKIRA's 2011 Spring Fashion Show at the Lyric Opera. I think it's a perfect way to forget the weather.

To prep for my spring event, I'm putting together a little ensemble that helps me keep the dream alive. Think strapy heals, flowery dresses, and the kind of day where you could just go outside and color.

Flower delivery dress
Button up earrings

Essex small scout bag

Triumvirate belts
Indie rock coloring book
Tear drop t-strap heel

04 February 2011

Friday Link Party

Happy Friday, my snow bunnies! We made it through the storm and now have the weekend and the Superbowl upon us. It's going to be great! I'm also venturing out to catch The Decemberists at the Riv tonight. Hopefully I'll make it. Stay warm, see you Monday and go Steelers!


Sweet potato brownies?
6 tips to take your party to the next level
Book art
Blog of James Bond's suits
Cupcake soap dispenser
White Stripes officially break up
Missing dog found in storm
Slightly obsessed with this counch
Arrested Development paper dolls

03 February 2011

More Snow Posts

I made it to work today! After waiting 45 minutes outside in the zero degree weather and watching three trains go by that were filled to capacity, I made it to work. It took a lot of warm clothing and every but of patience I had. I've got a few pictures for you to prove that I'm not making this snow business up.

my street

digging a trench around my car

carving out a path for my car

02 February 2011

Snow Day

For once the hype lived up. A day later, and it's still snowing. We have over a foot and are due 6 more inches or so by the end of the day. Trains aren't running properly, nothing is open and I sure didn't go to work today.  I may venture out and attempt to dig out my car later. Then again, I may just stay in my pajamas all day. To all my Chicagoland friends, stay inside and stay warm. To all my friends elsewhere, go out side and enjoy the outdoors for me.

01 February 2011


For all of my friends who aren't in the Midwest, you might not know what's going down. Chicago is undergoing what the media deems the worst snow storm to hit since the '60s. The hype is huge. People left work early today, they're hording food, even CPS will be closed tomorrow. The Chicago Public School system hasn't had a snow day in twelve years. This must be serious, right? It's definitely snowing outside, I can tell you that much. We will see what I wake up to tomorrow, and whether or not the snowpocalypse actually comes.


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