19 September 2011

Farmers Market Lovin

Summer is pretty much over and come October I will be lamenting the loss of my beloved Farmers Market. If you've never been, or for some reason are skeptical of Farmers Markets, let me give you some incentive. Let's make a list.

1. Everything tastes better! Why? It's fresh. The produce came from a farm that morning. It hasn't been sitting around on a truck or on shelf somewhere for days. It's fresh, and it's delicious.

2. It's like a block party, but with good food. My market features local food vendors who serve lunch and musicians that add a festival atmosphere. Grab yourself a picnic blanket, sit down, and soak it all in.

3. No pesticides! The majority of produce at the market is pesticide free. If you're not sure about something, ask the farmer. After all, they're right in front of you. Ask as many questions as you want about how your food was farmed and get answers directly from the source. Try that a grocery store.

4. The deliciousness goes way beyond produce. We're talking jams, cheeses, bread, meat and more baked goods that you can imagine. There are pies, my friends. Pies. 

5.  It's cheap. Now I love me some Whole Foods (seriously, I could spend hours there), but it's no secret that their prices are high. Get food that's the same quality, or better, for less money. 

Before this season of the farmers market comes to a close, you really should check one out. If you live in Chicago, get a list of local markets here. If you're not, take a second and get your Google on. It will be delicious. I promise.

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