06 October 2011

Check It: Kris Nations Bracelets

Did you wear friendship bracelets as a kid? Not only did I wear them, I made my own and went around the neighborhood selling them for twenty-five cents a pop. Had my bracelets looked like these, I might have made decent cash and been able to spend my earnings on more than a bag of chips from the corner store.

Friends, let me introduce you to Kris Nations bracelets. I'm in love with this modern take on the old handmade friendship bracelet. The embellishments and mixed media materials make them unique and check it worthy. Check out the entire Kris Nations site for all sorts of fun that goes way beyond bracelets.

Above (Clockwise):
Old Town Bracelet
Mesilla Cuff with Leather
Cuidad Friendlship Bracelet
Allison Woven Friendship Bracelet

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